Corona Virus Pandemic

Dear Member,

I write further to my letter of 16th March 2020 and wish to update you on some precautionary measures you need to observe to stay safe. The rate of infection is frightening and we must try to get ahead of the virus by observing the Government directives.

Furthermore, the NHS has advised that, we must self-isolate, if we have the following symptoms:

- "a high temperature ‐ you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
-  a new cough, continuous cough &hyphen this means you've started coughing repeatedly".

This is to minimize the risk of spreading the virus to other people.

Given the above and our responsibility to our members, we would like to remind and advise all our members, particularly those in multiple occupied properties about the Government, NHS and NHF guidelines on coronavirus. Mace advice to the members are:

1. Self‐isolating members should be upfront about it and inform their housemates of their conditions. This will help them the more as some of their fellow housemates may render help.

2. Members should follow the social distancing rules (particularly in the communal living room and hall ways) as outlined by the Government.

3. Members should wash their hands with soap and water often for at least 20 seconds. Turn the tap off with tissue.

4. Members should wash their hands when they go in and out of their property to other places.

5. Members should avoid touching their faces, eyes, nose or mouth, unless the hands are cleaned.

6. Members should not shake dirty laundry in the communal living room, washing machine areas or hallways - this can spread the virus.

7. Members should cover their mouth and nose with tissue when they cough or sneeze. The used tissue should be put in the bin without delay, then wash your hands.

8. Members that are self-isolating should remain in their own rooms as much as possible, avoiding communal areas. The Communal living room should not be converted into bedrooms. This is a total breach of tenancy rules in all shared properties and should not be accepted, particularly, at this time of national health crisis.

9. Self-isolating members should use separate cutlery, crockery etc. They should clean their dishes and use kitchen towel (tissues) instead of tea towels.

10. Where possible, such members should try to schedule routines e.g use of kitchen, shower, bath etc. Kitchen Work-tops, wash-hand basins and other surfaces should be cleaned after use with normal cleaning products.

11. Members should not encourage personal visits but stay in contact with friends and families by telephone or through internet etc.

12. Communal living rooms be kept cleaned and be out of bound to members that are self-isolating in the interest of the other members.

13. Members should contact the online NHS 111 coronavirus service, or call 111,or 999

If we work together and observe the government directives we will overcome.

Keep well and keep safe

Kind Regards,

Felix Okene
Director of Operations

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